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About Us

ClinOhio Research Services is a free-standing research site dedicated to women's health, and has been advancing the future of medicine since 2017. Driven by respect, compassion and comfort, ClinOhio is committed to providing a seamless study experience for patients, practices and sponsors.

Founder and President Jim Sanders, MPH began his career in clinical research in 1996. While he enjoyed the work he was doing as a member of one of the largest sponsors in the clinical research industry, he realized that one group was consistently being underrepresented and underserved: Women.  
As Jim continued his work in the clinical research field, he grew more aware of the heavy restrictions many clinical trials placed on women, often not permitting them to be included within study parameters at all.  
In 2017, Jim and Dr. Harold Green, M.D. saw the opportunity to create a free-standing research site built on the foundations of integrity, respect, compassion and teamwork. With an emphasis on comfort and trust, the mission of ClinOhio Research Services is to provide a better quality of life for underserved communities.  

The Team

The ClinOhio Research Services staff is a team of highly qualified and compassionate individuals who strive to improve the quality of life for patients.


James Sanders, MPH

President, Founder

Jim Sanders founded ClinOhio Research Services in 2017, and has over 25 years of experience within the clinical research field. Throughout his career, Jim has completed over 150 animal and human research studies ranging from phases one through four.

Dr. Harold H Green, Medical Director of ClinOhio Research Services

Harold N. Green, M.D.

Medical Director, Clinical Investigator

Dr. Harold Green has over 25 years of medical field experience, including being the medical director of ClinOhio Research Services since 2017 and a valued gynecologist and obstetrician at Columbus OB/GYN.

Eric VanScoter

Director, IT

Eric is the IT Director of ClinOhio Research with over 25 years of IT experience primarily in the medical device, pharmaceutical and clinical research areas. He has multiple IT certifications. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree from Franklin University. He started at ClinOhio Research in 2017. 

Beth Potter, PhD

Medical Writer

Beth provides medical writing services for ClinOhio Research. She received a PhD in Psychobiolology from Ohio State University and has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry in both clinical and nonclinical research. Her experience includes many years preparing clinical and regulatory documents for use at clinical sites and for submission to the FDA and other regulatory bodies.


Clinical Research Coordinator

Kim has worked in the clinical research field for eight years, and is a registered and licensed dietitian. Kim is also GCP certified, and primarily works on women's health and dermatology study coordination.


Clinical Research Coordinator

Kelly has been in the clinical research industry for five years, and is a certified phlebotomist. Kelly is also GCP and IATA certified, and works primarily on women's health and dermatology study coordination. 


Clinical Research Coordinator

Kayla joined the ClinOhio Research team in the Fall of 2022, and is a Registered Nurse. Kayla is also GCP and IADA certified, and works primarily in women's health and dermatology study coordination. 

Kathryn Willette

Marketing Specialist

Kathryn joined ClinOhio Research Services in the Fall of 2022 after graduating from Ohio University with a degree in Strategic Communication. Kathryn primarily works in patient recruitment and digital strategy, and manages Katalyst Marketing

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