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ClinOhio Research Services Contributes to EAGLE-2, a Research Study for Effective First-in-Class uUTI Oral Antibiotic

ClinOhio Research Studies contributes to breakthrough research for oral antibiotic for uncomplicated urinary tract infections

COLUMBUS, OH - Novel oral antibiotic shown effective for uUTIs through EAGLE-2 and EAGLE-3 Phase III studies

Throughout a series of Phase III clinical studies, a GSK-developed drug titled Gepotidacin has been found to be a safe and effective oral antibiotic option for patients with uncomplicated urinary tract infections (uUTIs). 

During two Phase III trials, EAGLE-2 and EAGLE-3, Gepotidacin was shown to be non-inferior to current standard of care Nitrofurantoin. ClinOhio Research Services had the opportunity to work within EAGLE-2, the study responsible for finding that 50.6% of participants given Gepotidacin experienced therapeutic success compared to the 43.6% of patients given Nitrofurantoin who experienced therapeutic success. 

According to researchers at The Lancet, “Gepotidacin, therefore, represents a potential new treatment option for uncomplicated urinary tract infection, and addresses an important unmet need for oral agents that are effective against uropathogens resistant to the currently available treatments.”

Excitingly, Gepotidacin showed therapeutic success against even drug-resistant types of E.Coli, a pathogen that is thought to be a main cause of uUTIs. Across both EAGLE-2 and EAGLE-3, resistance to E. Coli was 51.1% and 59.8% for patients given Gepotidacin, compared to 44% and 45.9% for those given Nitrofurantoin. Additionally, researchers believe Gepotidacin can also help with less common uropathogens, making this medication one of the most versatile and progressive women’s health drugs in decades. 

Ultimately, GSK announced that they plan to move forward with regulatory filings later this year with the closing remark that, “[Gepotidacin]... Could be the first in a new class of oral antibiotics for uncomplicated UTI in over 20 years.”


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