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How do I Get Rid of my Eczema?

Are you noticing any dry, itchy skin this winter? How about a rash or thick, leathery patches of skin that look scaley and flakey. Chances are, you have eczema. No need to feel lonely, 31 million Americans struggle with eczema every year!

Why Does it Affect so Many People?

The root cause of eczema is inflammation of the body due to being exposed to triggers. Triggers are circumstances which cause eczema to flare, and can come in many forms. The four of the most common trigger categories are:

1. Immune System Flare

  • Immune system attacks small irritants and activates the body's natural defense system; inflammation

  • Inflammation causes eczema

2. Genetics

  • More likely to have eczema if someone in your family also has it

  • Higher risk of having eczema if asthma, hay fever or allergies are present

3. Environment

  • Exposure to smoke, pollutants, harsh soaps, fabrics like wool and some skincare products can cause eczema flares

  • Low humidity or dry climate

  • High temperatures causing sweat

4. Mental Health

  • Mental health can affect skin health, causing eczema flare

  • High levels of stress, anxiety or depression may cause frequent flares

Who Does it Affect?

Eczema is most prevalent in infants, 10-20% of infants have symptoms of mild to severe eczema, however over half will outgrow their eczema by early adulthood. That being said, eczema can still affect anyone. In fact, 16.5 million U.S adults report having some type of eczema symptom, 1 in 4 reporting the onset of symptoms only in adulthood.


There are many eczema treatments currently on the market ranging from antibody injections to over-the-counter ointments. One active ingredient in over-the-counter treatments that is commonly used to colloidal oatmeal.

Colloidal oatmeal is successfully used in many treatments because it has natural moisture-locking and anti-inflammatory qualities. Since eczema is caused by inflammation which causes dryness and itching, this natural remedy seems to be the holy grail for eczema patients looking for treatments that are natural, easy and inexpensive compared to prescription medications.

Altogether, if you believe you are experiencing symptoms of eczema, contact your healthcare provider today, or check out our currently enrolling atopic dermatitis and mild to moderate eczema studies.




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